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Yavapai – pronounced yav • uh • pie

Our Tribe and our ancestors have lived in central and western Arizona for centuries. Today, the Tribe consists of 159 members and occupies a reservation of less than 1,500 acres. Roaming the deserts of the southwest, the Yavapai people are known for their exceptional baskets. Our flag features a unique and historic basket design.
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Click above to learn the significance of the basket. Click above to learn the significance of the flag design.
Today, the modern Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe
preserves the ancient culture of its ancestors and works diligently to achieve economic independence through numerous tribal enterprises. One of the area’s largest employers, the Tribe is home to a 162-room resort, two casinos, a business park and shopping center.

The Tribe’s reservation encompasses 1,395 acres of gentle, rolling hills adjacent to Prescott, and offers residents and visitors alike a generous selection of activities and commercial enterprises and services.